Scotch-Brite 551

Scotch-Brite 551

Description :

The product is a thick green general purpose scouring hand pad, made of high quality synthetic fiber forming an open textured non-woven web, having abrasive cleaning particles dispersed throughout and bonded to the web with a durable resin.

Product Advantages :

  • Excellent scouring performances.
  • Very open web.
  • Doesn’t keep or release harmful ingredients.
  • Can work in hot water and usual cleaning chemicals
  • Long durabilità

Where and When to Use :

The product is used for regular cleaning job in the kitchen or

maintenance and finishing sanitary ware.

The Scotch-Brite™ Ref. 550 hand pad is an aggressive pad and must be used on surfaces not damaged by scratching.

Packaging :

  • 40 pads per case (6 pads in multilingual printed intermediate, 5 intermediates per case)
  • Case gross weight: 0,845 kg
  • Case cube : 17 dm3

Palletisation : 40 cases per Europallet