Scotch-Brite 86

Scotch-Brite 86


The Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Scouring Pad No. 86 is an open construction scouring pad designed for heavy-duty use, made with tough fibers, abrasives, and resin, used in finishing of sanitary ware.

Special Features:

Fiber: The product contains durable synthetic fibers that are crimped and heat set to develop a strong open web.

Mineral: The product contains abrasive particles that are effective in scrubbing operation. These particles are evenly distributed throughout the pad to help ensure consistent performance.

Resin: The product is constructed with resin that resists degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids.

 General Use Directions:

  1. The Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Scouring No. 86 can be used wet or dry to scour cookware, scrub floors, clean kitchens and cooking equipment. Because of its aggressiveness, it is not recommended for use on polished or easily scratched surfaces.
  2. Pads may be rinsed out with water or soaked in a cleaning solution to dissolve caked on soil.

 Product Specifications:

(Typical Values)

  1. Size:

Length: 9.0”

Width: 6.0”

Thickness: 0.6”

Dark green color


Each pad is printed with the manufacturer’s name and/or trade name. Cartons are printed or labeled to identify the product by name, size and count.

36 Pads/Case

(12 Pads/Box, 3 Boxes/Case)