Professional  airbrush spry hd advance

Professional airbrush spry hd advance

Technical information

Manual airbrush spry , professional. Advance HD is suitable for a wide range of paints, dyes , enamels , lacquers, ; this spry guns are suitable for either use with paint products water based or solvent based. This type of gun is not recommended for application of highly corrosive and/or abrasive products.

The airbrush spry is available in various sizes with pressure feed , aspiration and drop feed, A wide range of air cups ensure a excellent nebulisation for ceramic painting , metal , plastic, wood and compounded materials with a most part of solvent materials , water based, to high percentage of dry residue and 2K.

The exclusive high airflow capacity of Advance HD and his amazing features of nebulisation are combined with air valve “ balanced “separated to ensure a constant air flow compressed through a spry gun;

This connected the lightness and the feeling of comfort is an unbeatable combination. The Advance spray guns are ideal for small transactions or for high volume spraying, with the added bonus of an improved finishing productivity.

HD Advance is made with precision ,using the best materials and components for a lifetime guaranteed, reliable, long-lasting in all industrial markets.